James T. Smith

Research Papers

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Group theoretic characterization of metric geometries of arbitrary dimension. Geometriæ Dedicata 17: 287–296.    MR Review    ZB Review


Point-hyperplane axioms for orthogonal geometries. Geometriæ Dedicata 17: 279–286.    MR Review    ZB Review


Group theoretic characterization of elliptic geometries of arbitrary dimension. Mathematische Nachrichten 67: 265–272.    Review    Abstract


Foundations of metric geometry of arbitrary dimension. Grundlagen der Geometrie und algebraische Methoden: Vorträge gehalten auf dem internationalen Kolloquium in Potsdam vom 27.8–1.9.1973. Potsdamer Forschungen, Reihe B, Heft 3. Potsdam: Pädagogische Hochschule „Karl Liebknecht“. 49–54. (Research summary)     Review


Metric geometries of arbitrary dimension. Geometriæ Dedicata 2: 349–370.     Review    Abstract


Generalized metric geometries of arbitrary dimension. Geometriæ Dedicata 2: 485–497.    Review    Abstract


Orthogonal geometries II. Geometriæ Dedicata 1: 334–339.   Review    Abstract


Orthogonal geometries I. Geometriæ Dedicata 1: 221–235.    Review    Abstract


Haar integrals on topological rings. American Mathematical Monthly 79: 267–270.   Review    Abstract


Foundations of Metric Geometry of Arbitrary Dimension. Regina: University of Saskatchewan. (Doctoral dissertation.)

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16 November 2022