James T. Smith


MSP Mathematical Software Package


MSP is a C++ class library for scientific and engineering application programming. It's written with Borland C++. Its first version, described in C++ for Scientists and Engineers, Intertext/ McGraw-Hill, 1991, contained units for

Scalar arithmetic Vector algebra Solving linear systems
Elementary functions Polynomial algebra Eigenvalue problems
Solving nonlinear equations Matrix algebra Solving nonlinear systems

It was extended in C++ Applications Guide, Intertext/McGraw-Hill, 1992, to include units for

String handling Integration
Rudimentary graphics Formula evaluation and manipulation

The first nine units have been upgraded in C++ Toolkit for Engineers and Scientists, second edition, Springer, 1999, to thoroughly utilize templates and exception handling. 

This latest version of MSP was implemented with Borland C++, Version 5.0.  Most of its features have been adapted for the Microsoft Visual C++ Win32 Console Applications environment.  The adaptation is included in the source code CD.  For adaptation highlights, click here.

You can get the source code for these MSP versions from me.  Just email me at  smith@sfsu.edu, and I'll send you the files.  But I will not be able to answer programming questions about them, because I'm no longer current on this subject.

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15 November 2022