James T. Smith


Math 800, Spring 2008


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Mondays Wednesdays Fridays
    Jan 25   Introduction
Jan 28   Basic Set Theory Jan 30  Need for a Rigorous Set Theory Feb 1    Equivalences and Partitions
Feb 4    Partially Ordered Sets Feb 6   Partially Ordered Sets Feb 8    Partially Ordered Sets
Feb 11  Complete Lattices Feb 13 Complete Lattices Feb 15  Lattices, cardinals
Feb 18  Cardinals of finite sets Feb 20 Cantor-Bernstein theorem Feb 22  Cardinals
Feb 25  Cardinals Feb 27 Cardinals Feb 29  Cardinals
Mar 3   Axiom of choice Mar 5  Axiom of choice, continuity Mar 7    Axiom of choice
Mar 10 Axiom of choice Mar 12 Bourbaki fixpoint theorem Mar 14  Maximal principles
Mar 17 Maximal principles Mar 19 Equivalents of axiom of choice Mar 21  Infinite sets

Spring recess

Cesar Chavez Holiday Apr 2  Infinite cardinal arithmetic Apr 4    Infinite cardinal arithmetic
Apr 7    Infinite cardinal arithmetic Apr 9  Boolean logic Apr 11  Comparability theorem
Apr 14  Homework list, Boolean logic Apr 16 Syntax Apr 18  Syntax
Apr 21  Deduction theorem Apr 23 Use of 3-valued logic Apr 25  Implicational completeness
Apr 28  Boolean completeness, roadmap Apr 30 First-order syntax May 2   First-order syntax
May 5   First-order semantics May 7  First-order logical axioms May 9   Henkin-Hasenjaeger theorem
May 12 Goedel completeness theorem May 14 Incompleteness and undefinability theorems.  First student report.    
  May 21  08:00-10:30 Student reports.  Term paper and all homework due.  


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