James T. Smith


The Legacy of Mario Pieri

 in Foundations and Philosophy of Mathematics


Chapter 10

Central Themes and Impact

of Pieri's Work





10.0 Introduction 465 comments
10.1 Philosophical Themes in Pieri's Research 466 comments
10.2 Themes in Foundations of Geometry 467 comments
  10.2.1  Geometry as an Abstract Science469 comments
  10.2.2  Geometry from a Synthetic Perspective471 comments
  10.2.3  Geometry from a Transformational Point of View472 comments
  10.2.4  Geometries Constructed as Autonomous Disciplines474 comments
  10.2.5  Continuity and Archimedean Principles476 comments
  10.2.6  Minimizing the Number of Primitive Notions478 comments
10.3 Pedagogical Themes 481 comments
10.4 Pieri's Impact 485 comments
  10.4.1  Philosophy485 comments
  10.4.2  Foundations of Geometry488 comments
  10.4.3  Pedagogy497 comments
10.5 Opportunities for Future Research 499 comments
  total 42    


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