James T. Smith


The Legacy of Mario Pieri

 in Foundations and Philosophy of Mathematics


Chapter 8

Pieri's Point and Motion Memoir





8.0 Chapter Introduction and Pieri's introduction 245 comments
8.1 §1 Generalities about Point and Motion 256 comments
8.2 §2 Rotating a Line or Plane onto Itself; Midpoint; Orthogonality 266 comments
8.3 §3 Rotating One Plane onto Another; Properties of Lines, etc. 274 comments
8.4 §4 Points Internal or External to a Sphere; Segments, Rays, etc. 282 comments
8.5 §5  Relation Less or Greater between Segments or Angles; Triangles 292 comments
8.6 §6  Sum of Segments; Continuity of a Line; Other Properties 300 comments
  total 62  


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